Rugs the ultimate looks for interiors.

Area rugs are a best choice for adding color and pattern to hardwood, tile, marble and carpeted floors. Whether its traditional designs to contemporary patterns, Rugs have become a significant importance in interiors or exteriors now a days.

Rugs will accent your room beautifully. Choose from a gorgeous gallery of RUGS a braided, flat weave, machine woven, hooked, hand tufted and hand knotted rugs in all sizes and much more.

A carpet is any loom-woven, felted textile or grass floor covering. The term was also used for table and wall coverings, as carpets were not commonly used on the floor in European interiors until the 18th century. The hand-knotted pile carpet probably originated in Mongolia or Turkistan between the 4th and 2nd millennium BC. Carpet-making was introduced to Spain in 10th century by the Moors.

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In fact, Area Rugs have become so common that they can be found in almost every home, and are one of the most versatile elements you can add to a room. If you are decorating an empty room, choosing an Area Rugs, When you are redecorating a room, you can find an Area Rugs that compliments the existing furniture and wall color, yet adds a great new element to the room. With area rugs from companies such as, Nourison Rugs, Shaw Carpets & Rugs, and Oriental Weavers Sphinx, Rug Sale offers one of the best selections around. is proud to offer a wide variety of hand-tufted, rugs,
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Rugs when added in living rooms, drawing rooms or any passage enhances the quality of that area.

Woollen RUGS

Wool rugs are generally derived from animal source. Area rugs made of wool are appropriate for high humidity climates or high moisture areas. They discourage bacterial growth. In fact woollen rugs eliminate common contaminants by locking the contaminants deep within the core of the fiber, improving the indoor air quality and helping you breathe easier. Woollen rugs are excellent décor for laminate and hardwood floors. They are excellent for residential as well commercial interior decorating. Woollen rugs offer hand knotted and hand weave, hand tufted carped in different qualities and designs. An authentic hand made area rug can visually integrate or harmonize diverse elements in any décor or can reenergize a room.

Light coloured woollen rugs make a room look more spacious, while deeper colours lend coziness to room. For wall, neutral shades are preferred. For floor, wool rugs are usually a preferred choice as it resists daily wear better than synthetics. Woollen rugs have wonderful qualities – they are deep, have rich colour tones and high durability plus relative ease of care.

Woollen rugs from Persia were famous in antiquity as they still are almost to the present. Of course they originated somewhere in Persia, Central Asia, Caucasus or northwest India. Woollen rugs of Australian variety are of both hand knotted and hand tufted. The Oriental wool rugs are dyed using time tested vegetable dye. Many of oriental rugs are based on cotton foundation. These high quality woollen rugs are made in Jaipur and Agra. Both these area rugs making center, supply hand-crafted piece to every corner of world. Warangal is another place in India famous for woollen rugs.

The famous brands available around the world are the Zieglers double-knotted, Mori Bukharas from Pakistan, Jaipurs double-wefted rugs of all Indian woollen rugs—based on Persian designs, kazaks – tribals designs, Kashmir wools –expecially Pashmina, Sumacs flat-woven rugs , Australian mohair. Ghiordes type Turkish double knots etc.

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Rugs Guide Glossary

Silk Rugs :

The silk rugs are purely made of pure silk fiber,while artificial silk is rayon blended with wool or cotton. Silk rugs have been around the scene for centuries. There is silk rug namely -- The Vienna Hunting Carpet--from the 16th century. It is available for inspection at the Kunst museum, Vienna.

Today silk rugs tradition has been attributed to the main carpet centres in the Persia and Central Asia, many of them have been producing rugs for centuries. The Principal areas in Persia were Tabriz, Kashan Isfahan, Joshagan, Kerman and in today’s Afghanistan Herat. One thing that is of utmost importance is that all rugs were produced under the direction of Court.

It is known from the reports of early travelers that Isfahan had royal rug workshops in the vicinity of the palace. The Shah had great influential on the designers and carpet-masters thus impacting the production of great rugs. The court commissioned the finest rugs. This is the reason great rugs in museum are attributed to “Court production.” The main contract of court manufacturing practice was: “The hands that start the rug must finish the rug.” The Court made it sure that no two person work on the same rug.

Oriental Rugs are based on two types of knots namely Persian knot and Turkish knot. These share large market of silk rugs. Other knots available are Tibetan knot, Berberian and Spanish knot. Finely knotted carpets command a higher price than coarsely knotted ones, because the material cost is higher and they take longer to produce. In general up to 500 knots per sq. dm is very coarse and range of 1000 to 2000 knots per sq. dm is considered very medium fine made. While the extremely fine made rug has knots of 4, Click Here

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